Ceiling AC Installation: Indoor and Outdoor Units

Air conditioners are the need of the hour. The temperature is increasing rapidly and to beat the heat

Air conditioners have become a necessity. Staying cool and comfortable is the need of the hour.

Ceiling AC units offer a classic option for cooling your homes or working spaces. The ceiling AC is of

two types: –

1. Indoor unit

2. Outdoor unit

Delve deep into the article to understand the difference between the two and understand which one

is a better option.

Indoor unit

Check out the features and benefits of an indoor unit for a clear understanding.

Features: –

1. The AC unit is installed on the ceiling inside the wall.

2. The unit contains three components: –

✔ Blower fan

✔ Evaporator coil

✔ Air Filter

3. The following factors must be considered before installing a ceiling unit: –

✔ Room Size

✔ Layout

✔ Preferences

✔ Overall spacing of the room

Benefits of indoor unit: –

1. It removes heat and humidity from the room.

2. It circulates the air throughout the space of the room.

3. It is designed to be quiet and calm.

4. It maintains a peaceful environment in the room.

5. No external space is required to place the outdoor unit.

6. It is more convenient for places that lack space.

7. It is cost friendly as compared to outdoor units.

Outdoor unit

Check out the features and benefits of outdoor units to have a clear understanding.

Features of outdoor unit: –

1. It is installed outside the building or on the roof.

2. The unit contains three parts: –

✔ Condenser Coil

✔ Compressor

✔ Fan

3. It collects the heat from the indoor unit.

4. It releases the heat outside the room, making the room cool.

5. The outdoor location is crucial for the outdoor unit to perform well.

Benefits of Outdoor unit

1. It prevents noise disturbance inside the room.

2. No heat gets accumulated inside the room.

3. It makes the cooling process seamless and convenient

4. No extra units inside the room.

It is crucial to have a good location for the outdoor unit. It enables to release of the heat collected

from the indoor unit to the outside environment. The location chosen for the outdoor unit must

have: –

1. Space for adequate airflow.

2. Away from direct sunlight.

3. Well-ventilated.


To choose between the two of them is a choice that varies greatly. After reading the blog you must

be clear about the features and benefits of both. Choosing between both ceiling units is an individual

choice and depends on multiple factors. For example, the nonavailability of a proper external space

may require the user to install an indoor unit. People who prefer AC inside the wall and give the

room a chic look may prefer indoor units.

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