How is Dubai for Women Entrepreneurs?

Today women can be seen participating equally in almost every sector. From corporate to sports, women today know their potential very well! However, many of us might feel skeptical when we talk about businesswomen across Dubai. 

Especially to the western audience since many of them might have a negative image of women in the Arab world. But hey! It’s 2023, and the gulf is among the most progressive regions for business, and the participation of women is no different! In fact, Dubai is very safe for women, and the government has even launched various initiatives for women entrepreneurs. No wonder 2022 saw a whopping increase in businesses owned by women. Read more to find the details.

Women in business in Dubai

If you think running a business in Dubai as a woman is difficult, here are some amazing facts that will let you know how flourishing it is instead. 

  • Seven women who hold executive-level roles in significant companies were listed as the UAE’s representatives on Forbes’ 2021 Power Businesswomen in the Middle East ranking. Most of these businesses are in the banking and financial services industry, and a sizable portion also works for governments and global corporations.
  • The Landmark Group’s chairwoman and CEO, Renuka Jagtiani, promised to donate nearly USD 4 million to help individuals in need in the Middle East. Furthermore, many people are attempting to increase diversity and representation within their organizations and localities.
  • Aisha Bin Bishar, Smart Dubai’s Director General, was the brains behind “The Smart City Index,” the first mechanism ever to measure the adoption of smart cities worldwide. She collaborated with the ITU and the UN to establish this system.
  • The Entertainer’s founder and CEO, Donna Benton, founded her firm in 2001, who is an expat conducting business there. 
  • Hana Al Rostamani, appointed as CEO of FAB Group, has more than 22 years of experience in the banking and finance industry. Their business generated more than USD 5 billion in revenue in 2020!

And the list goes on with many women living their dreams in Dubai. The UAE is highly entrepreneurial and encourages the zeal in you to put effort and shine out! You should also check out various government initiatives for female business owners in Dubai, UAE.

Top government initiatives for women entrepreneurs

  • The Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC): DBWC is a non-profit organization that encourages women to lead in sustainable development and nation-building through networking opportunities, education and training programmes.
  • The Dubai Women Establishment (DWE): Their initiatives are designed to help women gain technical and leadership skills. DWE has previously started campaigns to change legislation controlling things like maternity leaves.
  • NAMA Women Advancement Establishment: It was established in 2015 to advance gender equality and promote women’s participation in all spheres of society and the economy.
  • The Abu Dhabi Business Women Council (ADBWC): It offers business incubation and consulting services, training and educational programmes, intending to encourage women to pursue entrepreneurship.

Final Thoughts

Dubai is a city with endless business opportunities, regardless of gender. All it takes is the right direction, network, and complete knowledge of the country’s policies and business regulations.