Where to find intelligent document processing solutions in the UAE?

Looking for solutions related to Intelligent Document Processing in UAE? Read this blog to know more.

In the UAE, various companies are offering intelligent document processing solutions that utilize technologies to capture, understand, and extract data from various types of documents. Since the companies are now getting digitized, the document processing solutions can be a need of an hour to get the work done with accuracy and efficiency while saving time and cost both. Through this blog, we will understand where you can find intelligent document-processing solutions in the UAE.

What are Intelligent Document Processing Solutions?

Intelligent Document Processing scans reads, extracts from streams of data, and then organizes relevant data. To assist automation and augmentation, IDP leverages AI, ML, and NLP solutions to extract data from structured and unstructured content or documents.

Where to find intelligent document processing solutions in the UAE?

Here are different intelligent document processing solutions providers who can assist you with requirements related to document scanning, verification, extraction of data, etc.:

1. EDC (Electronic Document Center): Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions by EDC combine AI technologies like machine learning and Natural Language Processing to transform unstructured data in documents into structured, actionable data. IDP fosters the reading and scanning of document types, enhancing operational efficiency, and data accuracy,  thus reducing the need for human intervention. EDC has an AI-driven platform to solve all challenges of document processing for diverse business clients. 

2. Square One Technologies:  SquareOne, by virtue of its Intelligent Document Capture solution, offers a streamlined way to transform documents into actionable data. It uses ML, OCR, and natural language processing to accurately capture, classify and extract data from documents, thereby automating and enhancing business processes.

3. 10x DS: 10xDS carries out Intelligent Document Processing through a five-step approach. The process involves capturing documents, classifying them using AI, extracting required data through OCR and NLP, validating and verifying the data, and then exporting the data for further processing.

4.AutomationEdge’s DocEdge: It is an AI-powered Intelligent Document Processing solution that enables businesses to automate document ingestion, classification, and data extraction. It helps reduce manual efforts, improves data accuracy, and accelerates business processes, leading to enhanced productivity and operational efficiency.

How to Find the Intelligent Document Processing Solutions in UAE?

Here are various steps to know how you can find IDP Solutions for your business needs in UAE:

1. Research: Conduct online research to identify the top IDP providers in the UAE. You can google “Intelligent Document Processing solutions in UAE” or “Document Processing Services in UAE” to get the best services.

2. Referrals and Recommendations: Reach out to your professional network for referrals and recommendations. You can also check online forums or social media groups for advice from industry connections.

3. Analyze Solutions: Once you’ve identified potential providers, analyze their solutions. Review the technologies they use (AI, machine learning, OCR, NLP), and see if they align with your business needs. Check for features like document capture, classification, data extraction, validation, and integration.